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Kristian Kaspersen has since his solo debut in 2012 gotten big recognition within the LGBTIQA+ community, and recently the audience has broadened. His songs have been heard in the popular reality Swedish tv show "Wahlgren’s World" and played on national Swedish Radio. The single STAY (2020) was also called “pop perfection” by the British music site Culture Fix.


With successful singles such as “One Little Thing” and “Love Like I've Never Been Hurt" in his library, Kaspersen released his second full length album “2nd Time Around” May 2022. The setting for several of the tracks is the pulsating city nightlife with beer drenched dancefloors and after parties one regrets attending.

For the 10th anniversary of his debut single Queer at Heart a new version by top producer SoundFactory was released late 2022. 

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