In 2012 Kristian Kaspersen released his solo debut single Queer At Heart, a song about alienation and the arbitrary limits that we put up between us...but above all about unity and pride. The song together with the artists androgynous style and queer themes gained a lot of attention in the Swedish LGBTQ-media and was also chosen as the official SpringPride-song in 2013.

The debut album The Last Temptation of Kristian Kaspersen (2013) was a production of deeply personal lyrics and a sound-span between delicate melancholy and cocky pop. 
The music videos that followed all had a queer theme to them, as the vampiresque Ghost; filled with cruising, motorcykles and a love story beyond the borders of death.
After the album release Kristian toured around Sweden, showcasing his strength as a live performer. 

The Big Black Hole EP (2015) carried a slightly different sound for Kristian inspired by contemporary club music and 90’s synth pop. But Kristian also showed another side to his audience as he began with the acoustic concerts: "Songs for the Queer at Heart" 2016- 2017 where he shared his own music in an intimate way but also gave new meaning to cover songs Iike I Kissed a Girl and Summertime Sadness. 

Kristian Kaspersen has released several singles and music videos from his upcoming album Love Like I've Never Been Hurt: Open Air (2018), Dancing Kween (2019), One Little Thing (2020) and recent release STAY (2020). The latter has been called "...pop perfection" (Culture Fix UK) and gained attention across the globe. 

Kristian Kaspersen is a Swedish/Norwegian singer and songwriter living in Stockholm. He has, apart from his own music-making, previously been involved in a number of different musical collaborations (Bonny & Kay, The Ciccones) and appeared on songs from SoundFactory, The Moped and Hungry Hearts.  Kristian has also worked as a musical artist in productions like RENT and Dö Klubbdöden (Disco Bloodbath)